*This* Is How Many Selfies Women Take Before They Actually Like One

But I'm callin' bullsh*t.

The trick to taking a really good selfie is, uh, taking a ridiculous number of them. But you already know this, because I’m willing to bet that 70 percent of your camera roll right now is outtakes from your pregame last Saturday.

But if you’ve ever wondered how your selfie habits stack up in comparison to other humans, well, boy, oh, BOY, have we got you covered. Because according to a survey conducted by The Florida House Experience, a health treatment center in Florida, the average number of selfies people take before they know they’ve “got a winner” hovers around the two-to-five range for 48 percent of men and women, whereas 28 percent of women admit to taking at least six to ten selfies.

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(Image credit: Florida House Experience)

Apparently only 7.6 percent of women take 11 to 15 selfies, which honestly sounds a little bullshit-y to me, because have you ever gotten away with taking just two-to-five selfies with your drunk friend? No—you’re looking at a full-on photoshoot when selfies are involved.


The survey, which was first reported by the DailyMail, also asked how much time respondents usual take “tweaking” their selfie before uploading it, and surprisingly, the average for both sexes fell in the one-to-three-minute range, followed by the four-to-six minutes. Although shout out to the 4.7 percent of women who apparently spend more than 20 minutes editing their selfies; y’all are the true champions of the millennials.

It’s also worth noting that this survey was pretty small (only 1,024 people polled), not at all representative of the population at large, and probably not scientifically un-biased, either. But hey—it’s still interesting to see how your own vain habits compare to everyone else’s. So next time you find yourself scrolling through a zillion similar-looking photos for Instagram, just realize that you are, in fact, in good company.