Kate Middleton Uses This $12 Drugstore Hairspray to Get Her Insanely Shiny Hair

Please proceed to the nearest Walmart in an orderly fashion.

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Everything surrounding a royal’s personal life is super hush-hush secret, even when it comes to something as basic as their beauty routines. And I know this because when I chatted with Meghan Markle’s facialist, Nichola Joss, about Markle’s pre-wedding skincare routine, it was like trying to get the nuclear codes from a missileer.


So when Kate Middleton’s hairstylist, Amanda Cook Tucker, posted a photo to her private Instagram account, showing the hair products she had packed for the final leg of the royal tour, people naturally freaked out, and the photo quickly went viral.

"Think that's everything! #worktrip #packing," she captioned the post, which showcased 13 hairbrushes—yes, 13—six combs, three curling irons, two blow-dryers, and seven different hair products.

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The post, along with Tucker’s entire Instagram account, has since been deleted (told you; this sh*t is serious to the royal family), but luckily, the world had enough time to write down every product Tucker apparently uses to get Kate’s signature blowout, many of which are under $10…and also UK-only brands.

Which is why I was personally pumped to see one product that’s not only available in the US, but also a cult-favorite: L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray, an oldie-but-goodie spray that leaves hair ridiculously shiny and soft for the supremely low price of $12. I've personally had this hairspray on hand for a few years now, and it's legitimately the best anti-humidity, anti-wind, anti-everything hairspray that never actually leaves hair looking stiff or flakey. It's basically the Kate Middleton of hairsprays.

And though it clearly takes an army to get Kate’s hair looking like it does, us mere mortals can at least try to recreate the look at home by misting our finished blow-outs with Elnett. And that’s almost as good as being a princess, right? Um, right.


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