A Subscription Box for Sheet Masks Exists and Holy Hell, It’s Amazing

I'm not crying—you're crying.

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The only thing more magical than getting a brand-new sheet mask is getting an entire box of brand-new sheet masks that you can throw into the air and roll around in like a big ol’ pile of money.

And if that sounds like a dream reserved only for movies, you would be correct—or, you would have been correct, except that Korean beauty company FaceTory just made fantasy a reality by creating a monthly subscription service devoted to sheet masks.

Yes, you can literally have someone (okay, a USPS guy) bring you a pile of sheet masks every month without having to leave your apartment or even put on pants. If that’s not a modern fairytale, nothing is.

Here’s how it works: Every month, the skin pros at FaceTory curate a handful of sheet masks (both under-the-radar brands and cult-favorite brands) and package them in cartoon-printed paper that will make you audibly “aww” at your desk like a crazy person.

They’ll also include a little guide to the key ingredients in each of the sheet masks, breaking down what, for example, camellia seed oil or pequi fruit extract do for your skin and how to use them, which means even skincare newbs can get onboard with this box.

As for the subscription itself, you can either choose the Four-Ever Fresh service, which gives you four classic sheet masks a month for $6 (plus $3 shipping), or the Seven Lux service, when gives you seven premium, multi-step masks a month for $16 (plus $4 shipping).

Sure, in an ideal world, you’d be receiving 100 sheet masks a month, but considering the average price of each of these masks is around $5, you’re saving at least 50 percent, regardless of which subscription you choose. And when it comes down to it, you can't really put a price on always having a supply of truly excellent sheet masks on hand.

So if you’re a skincare fanatic like I am—well, then you probably don’t need any more convincing, because you’ve already stopped reading to go sign up yourself. Please enjoy your new life of insanely smooth, glowy skin, and feel free to sign me up for a subscription as a thank you.


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