Meghan Markle Has a Single Gray Hair

And it's magnificent.

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Important news: Meghan Markle, human, has a gray hair. She revealed this truth when she left the house and it was, well, right there on her head.

It is glorious because, same.

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Every few weeks I see a gray hair sprout up on my head, inevitably glinting proudly right on my part. It seems like the colorless ones grow faster and more determinedly than my non-gray hairs, but that's besides the point—every time I see one, I think what do I do with you?

The options that come to mind are: Pluck that one pesky hair right off my head (even though I will never not be fearful of that old wives tale about five more growing back in its place), commit to dyeing my hair (but, for one or two grays?!?! Why bother?), or, just own it, because, hi, what's the big deal?

Who knows if Meghan Markle is choosing to just own it, not waste the time and money on such frequent upkeep, or, just doesn't notice because it's ONE HAIR. But, either way, it's nice to see she's a regular person with a few stray grays, just like everyone else!

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