Um, Selena Gomez Just Shaved Her Freaking Head

And I actually really, really like it.

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(Image credit: Getty Images)

Selena Gomez has tried just about every haircut, color, and style in the book—but her newest hair change may be her boldest look yet: The Wolves singer revealed on her Instagram this morning that she buzzed off a small section of her hair on the nape of her neck before attending a Puma event in Germany.

And she can thank celebrity hairstylists Marissa Marino and Tim Dueñas for the seemingly spontaneous hair decision. Marino posted a photo of Gomez's new undercut with the caption: "My girl #selenagomez at it again...she loves to keep me on my toes! Thanks @timduenashair for making her undercut dreams come true!"

Dueñas also chimed in with his own post of the singer's hair, writing, "When your friend calls you to give #selenagomez an undercut... @marissa.marino killing it with the styling. Thanks for letting me join in on the fun."

Oh, Selena, how I also love thee for also keeping me on my toes with your chameleon-level hair. Now I'm seriously contemplating whether or not I need an undercut—thoughts? I'm going with yes.