Emma Roberts Just Got a Super-Short, Teeny-Weeny Bob


Emma Roberts Met Gala 2017

As the months get hotter, the hair gets shorter—at least, that's the case in Hollywood, anyways. Over the past few months, tons of celebrities have opted for shorter lewks. Last week, alone, Emilia Clarke got a sleek, angled, chin-length bob and Mila Kunis got a cropped bob with short bangs.

And Emma Roberts is the next star to get a fresh, summer-y chop. Yes, her hair was already above her shoulders, but it's, like, waaayyy shorter, now. Last night, the Paradise Hills star's hairstylist Chris McMillan posted several photos on Instagram of her new teeny, chin-length bob, which tucks perfectly behind her ears.

We can't see the back of her hair, but after some intense sleuthing (and by intense sleuthing, I mean, just deciphering McMillan's hashtag-crazy caption), it seems that Robert's hair is possibly even shorter and dramatically angled in the back, likely landing right at the nape of her neck. The biggest hint: McMillan hashtagged #HairlineBob.

Yeah, a couple inches chopped off isn't too drastic of a change, but if the back of her hair is really as short as I think it is, that's something worth talking about. See more pics of the cut from all angles, below!

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