These Color-Changing Fake Nails Are Pure Magic

Send help—I'm dead.

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(Image credit: Instagram/@Doobysnails)

You know the low-grade anxiety that breaks over you when you’re standing in front of rows of nail polishes at the salon, waffling between two colors? Well, what if you could switch between multiple shades throughout the day, without repainting your nails or doing literally anything at all? Enter: color-changing fake nails, a look I need everyone to know about.

Recently, during one of my late-night Instagram binges, I stumbled upon Doobys Nails, a UK-based brand whose feed is filled with pics of their trademark reusable false nails. But among the photos of pointy claws and smooth almonds were dozens of mesmerizing videos of their color-changing nails—clips of inky-black nails dissolving into white, and glittery purple nails turning fuschia, all with a bit of water.

How It Works

“The polish is a thermal-changing polish,” founder Hayley Edwards told “The nails are one color at room temperature, but the pigments will lighten and change color once they are put into slightly warmer water.” It looks like a Harry Potter trick, but it’s actually the result of heat-sensitive pigments and dyes interacting with one another in the formula.

Of course, color-changing polish isn’t anything new—you probably even owned a bottle or two during your Limited Too days—but unlike traditional polishes you’re stuck wearing until they inevitably chip off a week later, these nails are stick-on and easily removable. Basically, they’re a quick fix for really lazy people (hi, hello).

The nails themselves are about $25 for a set of 20 nails and can be attached with any ol’ nail glue or gel nail tabs. Or, you can just pick up a bottle of color-changing nail polish and make the magic for yourself. Either way, I’m into this whole look. Scroll down to see more videos of the nails in action, below.

Chloe Metzger
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