Khloé Kardashian Got a Short Bob, and It Is Officially the Summer of Short Hair

"We've been talking about going short for months," says Khloé's hairstylist.

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Guys, GUYS! Khloé Kardashian just got a majorly short bob, and I’m freaking out. Because it is now officially the summer of short hair. And lest you think I’m just exaggerating, please reflect upon Rihanna’s super-short, cropped bob that she revealed just this morning; Alicia Keys’ bob that she debuted just a few days ago; and now, the long-hair-queen herself, who has jumped on the trend with a new short style.

The Hair

In a photo posted to her Instagram Thursday, Khloé showed off her new blunt bob (though it looks like an angled lob in the photo), with the caption, “’Not smiling makes me smile’ Kanye.” The new short hair comes compliments of celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan, who posted the same photo of Khloé, writing, “Guess who’s back baby!!!”

Immediately, fans started praising the new hairstyle, littering both photos with heart-eye and fire emojis. But little do they know, the haircut is not, in fact, a real haircut—it's the work of expertly trimmed and placed hair extensions.

"We've been talking about going short for months, but she wanted to test it out today before going for the plunge," Marjan tells, adding that she used Hidden Crown clip-in extensions to create the style. "I braided her hair up, then cut the extensions blunt," she says. "Her top layer of hair was short enough to conceal the clips, so she could test-drive the length for the day."

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Uh, yes, that is masterful trickery, and a reminder to us all that we should never believe anything we see in photos. The blunt bob comes just days after Khloé commented on a fan’s throwback photo of her with short hair, Tweeting, “Short hair is my favorite! But I still need to loose [sic] a few more pounds and then I’ll cut it again.” (For the record, everyone’s body is perfect, and please cut the hair that you want to cut, because life is short.)

But apparently, Khloé had a change of heart, because hi, hello, look at her new shoulder-skimming length. If this hasn’t convinced you to immediately chop off all of your hair, then I don’t know what will, but I highly recommend jumping on the trend before everyone, including your mother, follows suit.

And to get you inspired to make the cut, check out these bob inspo pics, ahead.

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