Alicia Keys Got a Bob Haircut and No Longer Looks Like Alicia Keys

Hi, hello, and nice to meet you, 2018 Alicia.

Alicia Keys
(Image credit: NBC)

Please hold on to your tiny hats and prepare to clutch your pearls, because Alicia Keys just got a majorly short haircut, and she no longer looks like the Alicia Keys you know and love. Yes, the mother of every song you’ve drunkenly (and soberly) sung in the middle of a bar has chopped off all of her signature long curls into a short, choppy bob.

It’s already been a big month for celebrity hair changes, with Demi Lovato dyeing her black hair blondeSophie Turner dyeing her blonde hair platinum, and now Alicia Keys is following suit, but this time with a haircut.

The Details

The singer posted a photo to her Instagram this past week wearing a bustier, low-key makeup, and, most noticeably, significantly less hair than usual. The photo depicts Keys with a short, voluminous, side-swept bob that’s brushed to one side of her head. So, you know, totally different than the Keys we’re used to seeing.

“That’s Alicia Keys?” asked one editor, before adding, “She looks like a sexy Molly Ringwald.” Which, um, fact (although Molly Ringwald is obviously already sexy). Keys didn’t tag any hairstylists or photographers or brands in her photo, so we can’t tell whether this new hairstyle was for a shoot or a campaign, or just a fun in-the-moment hair change, but either way, I’m in love with it, and so are her fans.

“Beautiful haircut!” reads one comment on the photo, while another reads, “Looks better than any hairstyle she has ever had.” Of course, there’s always a chance that the entire look is just a fake out, and Keys never cut her hair and is just wearing a wig, but I prefer to believe what I want to believe, which is that Keys finally jumped on the short-hair train and is riding it all the way into 2019.

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