Hailey Baldwin Uses a Face Moisturizer Filled With Her Own Blood

Ummm, same. Same.

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Celebs! They’re just like us! Sometimes! Ish! But for Hailey Baldwin, this is not one of those times, because the 21-year-old model just revealed that her beloved face cream not only costs a whopping $1,400, but is infused with her own blood. So, you know, only a little more extra than your favorite drugstore formula.

The Details

"I'm crazy about skincare," said Baldwin to PopSugar. "When I'm traveling, I'm always moisturizing—I use all of [dermatologist] Barbara Sturm's products.”

Not only does she love Sturm’s masks and glow serums, she’s particularly invested in her MC1 Blood Moisturizer, which costs only a bit more than a monthly mortgage payment. “I love that weird blood cream,” added Baldwin. “It is fascinating to me, and it works. I'm a nerd about the science of skin care and health, so for me, I'm like, 'This is so cool!’”

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The cream itself requires an in-person doctor’s appointment with Sturm (no, you can’t just send in a vial of blood you somehow captured yourself), so she can separate out the plasma, incubate it for a few hours to increase its supposed healing properties, and then mix it into a shea butter–based cream. Supposedly, the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) moisturizer is thought to reduce inflammation and stimulate tissue healing, though no mass studies have been conducted to test those claims.

Still, Baldwin can love what she wants, and put her blood in anything that she wants, etc., etc. But I will say that Baldwin is just 21, which means she’s still got that collagen-rich skin that oozes the youth and glowiness no moisturizer can rival.

But, you know, to each her own, and if you want to fly to Germany and try this moisturizer out for yourself, then please go ahead (and also take pictures and update me on your blood-filled routine. Thanks).

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