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Glossier's New $12 Milky Oil Will Change the Way You Take off Your Makeup

I'm obsessed.

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Glossier has been on a roll lately—the makeup and skincare brand has announced two major new launches within the first two months of 2019. A few weeks ago, Glossier announced they were expanding the shade ranges for all of their complexion products, which made everyone really happy (the campaign images are s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g). Now, they're coming out with a product that's going to make all lazy girls who love to wear makeup very happy.

The Details

Glossier's latest launch is a Milky Oil, which is a waterproof makeup remover. No, it's not the same thing as their cult-loved Milky Jelly cleanser. Here's why it's different: the milky oil formula treads the line between a micellar water and an oil. These two textures work together cohesively, creating a silky lather of micelles and oil, which melt away the most stubborn makeup, without feeling too harsh on the skin.

Product, Plastic bottle, Bottle, Pink, Water, Baby bottle, Drinkware, Baby Products, Glass, Liquid,

Milky Oil, $12, Glossier.com

When formulating Milky Oil, Glossier kept the qualities of their cleanser in mind, with the idea of making something a little stronger to remove stubborn makeup. This oil takes things a step further, combining comfrey root extract and vitamin B5 to leave your skin feeling supple and hydrated after use (not tight and dry, like other micellar waters *cough cough*). The brand recommends using this to target your eyes, for products like waterproof eyeliner or flaky mascara that won't budge, and your lips, for long-wearing lip products. Then, you can follow up your removal process with the milky jelly cleanser for "a fresh, fuller face clean."

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How to Use It

All you do is shake up the bottle, squeeze out a dollop onto one of these $4 cotton pads, and press it against anywhere on your face you're trying to remove waterproof makeup.

My Review

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Okay, I committed the ultimate beauty editor crime and slept with my makeup on last weekend. I know, I'm horrible, and it was a very fun night. In the morning, my stressed-out skin needed some TLC, so it was the ideal time to give this product a whirl for the first time. I gently shook up the bottle, which revealed a cloudy concoction in the see-through bottle. Fun. I was surprised at how soft this felt on my dry skin. I went for my eyes first; I wore an inky black cat eye the night before, and in literally one swipe this formula melted the remnants of my liner away. It's hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist tested, so it didn't sting my eyes at all. I also like that it's fragrance-free—strongly-scented skincare products scare me.

Next, I moved on to my bright red, matte liquid lipstick. After gently massaging my lips for about 10 seconds max, my lips were completely bare and felt hydrated from the oil. I also appreciated the fact that the cotton pads didn't tear apart or get all hairy like other kinds. My skin wasn't greasy or sticky—just supple, hydrated, and glowy, which is the last thing you'd expect after removing your makeup from the night before. I followed up with my regs cleansing routine and my skin felt brand new after putting it through that. This is def a 10/10, and so inexpensive—you'll love it.

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