Khloé Kardashian Has Switched Up Her Hair Color Yet Again, But the Reason Makes Sense

"It's a lot of upkeep to do that white..."

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It’s enough of a challenge to be keeping up with the Kardashians on the show, but when it comes to trying to keep up with their hairstyle changes, I’ve all but given up. Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, and most recently Khloé are all addicted to switching up their look, and things get even more confusing when you remember that they’ve got a champion wig wardrobe between them. Is it real? Is it just a temporary makeover? WHO REALLY KNOWS.

34-year-old Khloe has only recently transformed her hair, swapping out her old signature long lengths and blended balayage for a dramatic blunt bob. Along with the sharp, short cut came a swap from honey blonde to an icy, white platinum shade. Even her usual dark roots had vanished, giving a much brighter and blonder effect for the mother-of-one in 2019.

But, in true Khloé style, it’s already time for yet another switch up, but his time, it’s nothing too dramatic. Koko revealed the reasoning behind yet another hair color change, and it totally makes sense. If you’ve ever gone bright blonde, you might relate.

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Speaking on Instagram stories, Khloé told followers: “We’re going a little bit darker, just adding more dimension in it. It was such a moment and I loved it. But it's a lot of upkeep to do that white and I felt like if I didn't have a spray tan, then I didn't look fabulous all the time. But I love adding some more dark in there.”

In case you're struggling to notice a real difference, here's Khloé's hair without the new dark root and natural color:

The look was completed by Khloé’s go-to hair expert, Tracey Cunningham, who explained in her caption how to recreate the look for yourself with your own stylist if you’re inspired by the new, slightly edgier color.

“Khloé is so realistic and patient, now you can see her natural color woven in on top. Next time I will probably put more low lights on top, but for now we just did lowlight underneath the crown,” Cunningham revealed.

Looks perfect, Khloé! So that means it will probably stick around for at least six days.

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