Kim Kardashian Got a Retro Hair Makeover With Short Blunt Bangs

It's a completely different look for Kim.

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It’s quiet out there on the internet, this morning…A little too quiet, some would say. So please welcome Ms Kim Kardashian West, here to shake things up a little with her latest unexpected hair transformation. If there’s one thing that the family does well, it’s a bold beauty makeover, and the latest in a long line of hairstyles for Kim comes in the form of a sleek, retro-inspired look.

Please resist the all-consuming urge to reach for the scissors and DIY it for yourself, because this one is best left to the professionals. 38-year-old Kim just debuted some sleek, short, and blunt bangs in her latest beauty campaign, and they look nothing less than amazing. Surely that’s it—surely she’s now had every single hairstyle under the sun, and managed to make each one seem like a great idea.

Clearly in the mood for a change, Kim ditched her now signature, long straight black extensions and ponytails in favor of something new. Channelling Cleopatra and Cher, according to fans' comments, the reality star unveiled the brow-skimming bangs in the latest beauty campaign for her makeup brand, KKW Beauty.

FYI, the trio of new lipstick sets make the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, according to Kiki.

The dramatic look is down to the skilled hands of her trusted hairstylist Chris Appleton, who’s responsible more often than not for any major Kardashian-Jenner style change. For example, remember Kylie’s baby pink, or Kim’s neon green? They were both the work of Appleton, and his extensive rainbow of luxury hair pieces.

Of course, you can probably bet your entire wig wardrobe that this latest change for the makeup mogul is another temporary one (most likely clip-in, too). But honestly, Kim, think about making it permanent, because it looks SO good.

Now, you hold the ruler, I'll grab the scissors, and we'll do each other's perfectly, okay?

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