The 10 Best Hair Straighteners for Smooth, Shiny Hair

Your new secret weapon for sleek hair is on this list.

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When it comes to the definitive list of essential hair tools, there is none more versatile than the best-ever hair straightener. They can do it all including making your hair look stick-straight (duh), add curls and add body to a days-old blowout. Whether you’re a newbie to the world of styling your hair with hot tools or if your beloved flat iron finally kicked the bucket, it’s time to find you a brand new, best-in-class flat iron to fall in love with. And while a great heat protectant product is a non-negotiable, finding a great hair straightener will no-doubt lead to quicker, better hair days.

As hair care technology improves, the best hair straighteners have moved away from total hair-scorchers to sleek, efficient tools that are suited to all hair types and cause far less damage that ones in years past. That's right: There are flat irons and hair straightening brushes that won't burn your hair off or weaken it to an utterly limp state—you simply need to find the right one, and we're here to help. Odds are, you already have a  high-performance blow dryer—and maybe even a fancy curling iron or blow dryer brush—that you love, so why not upgrade your hair straightener, too? 

The more versatile and technologically advanced your flat iron, the less time you'll spend hassling with hair products to boost luminance and body. Plus, a great flat iron is also the secret to the best waves, and Marie Claire already has a guide on how to achieve flat iron beachy waves for yourself. 

How We Chose The Best Flat Irons:

Before we get to the products themselves, here’s how our team of editors—including me, Marie Claire’s E-Commerce Editor—chose the best options to include. 

  • Type of Plate: If you see the words ceramic or titanium on the label for your hair straightener, you should know that brands are talking about the types of plates a specific model is made with. The difference between them comes down to how the iron heats up, and how long it takes. Ceramic irons heat up the hair from the inside-out, while titanium irons heat up the surface of the hair. If it takes longer for your ceramic straightener to heat up, it’s probably a good thing: the even distribution of heat can cause less damage to the hair as you use it. 
  • Temperature and Heat Settings: While being able to adjust your heat settings on your iron might seem like a good thing—especially if those temperature ranges top out around the 400 degree mark—it might actually be causing more damage to your hair. “If you use a tool set to too high of a temperature this can result in damage to the internal structure of the hair strand,” says Meredith Kirkland, the National Education Manager at ghd. “Using too little heat can result in inconsistent results and styles that don’t last, and you may damage the external portion of the hair strand as you’ll be tempted to pass over the hair multiple times.” When using a flatiron, it’s important to keep the temperature at 365 degrees fahrenheit. Some irons—like the one from ghd that our editors have previously reviewed—are pre-set to 365 degrees so you don’t have to worry about adjust it yourself. “ Think of 365°F as the sweet spot, you can style confidently knowing your results will last and your hair will stay its healthiest,” Kirkland tells me. 
  • Plate Size: Different plate sizes actually give you different results. Smaller irons that measure around one or two inches, for instance, are great for creating sleek, straighter styles and curlier looks alike. Plates larger than two inches are great for only creating straight looks, and won’t provide you with that same curling power—it ultimately just comes down to what you’re looking for. “As a pro tip, hold your styler horizontally & pull out and away from the head for a bigger, bouncy curl,” says Kirkland. “For a looser, more elongated curl hold the styler vertically and glide down the strand.” 

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Shop Deals on the Best Hair Straighteners

NITION Pro Hair Straightener, $77

NITION Pro Hair Straightener, $77 $60 at Amazon

This cult-favorite styling tool is on sale for just $60 at Amazon right now. The plates have rounded edges that make curling a breeze and won’t leave your hair with unsightly bumps as you style. Plus, it automatically turns off after an hour. 

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch, $50

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch, $50 $31 at Amazon

This affordable flat iron is even more inexpensive right now. Shop it for $31 on Amazon for a limited time. It comes with a whopping 30 heat settings, heats up in just 15 seconds, and ensures even heat across the entire extra-long plates for the best results in less time.

REMINGTON SHINE THERAPY Argan Oil & Keratin Infused 1 Inch Hair Straightener/Flat Iron, $30

REMINGTON SHINE THERAPY Argan Oil & Keratin Infused 1 Inch Hair Straightener/Flat Iron, $30 $25 at Walmart 

This under-$50 iron is on sale for even less right now at Walmart, where it's going for just $25. The plates are infused with argan oil and protein-rich keratin for added shine and smoothness as you go, and reviewers claim that their hair looked noticeably less frizzy after using the hot tool.

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