The 24 Best Hair Straighteners for Smooth, Shiny Hair

Your new secret weapon for sleek hair is on this list.

Best Hair Straighteners
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There are some beauty classics that stand the test of time: red lips, red lips, and, yes, flat irons. As hair care technology improves, the best hair straighteners have moved away from total hair-scorchers to sleek, efficient tools that are suited to all hair types and cause far less damage. That's right: There are flat irons and hair straightening brushes that won't burn your hair off or weaken it to an utterly limp state—you simply need to find the right one, and we're here to help.

The more versatile and technologically advanced your flat iron, the less time you'll spend hassling with hair products to boost luminance and body. While heat protectant (opens in new tab) is a non-negotiable, you'll reach for hair shine products (opens in new tab) or texturizing spray (opens in new tab) far less with one of the best flat irons at play, much like great curling irons (opens in new tab) and hair dryers (opens in new tab). To guide you in your pursuit of the perfect smoothing hot tool, we've compiled the greatest hits of hair straighteners ahead.