Chrissy Teigen Got Blonde Highlights for the Summer and Looks Absolutely Stunning

Our search for perfect summer hair is over, thanks to Chrissy Teigen, who just gave us a peek at her new highlighted extensions. 

(Image credit: Xavi Torrent)

I'm always, always looking for highlight inspo for summer—the days of me going white blonde are over (#old, and also #lazy). But, I like highlights and balayage that keep some of my natural color and just add color and dimension. Thankfully, my search for perfect summer hair is over, thanks to Chrissy Teigen. She just gave us a sneak peek at her new hair, which looks like highlighted extensions. I am officially in love.

The full video is on Chrissy's Instagram Stories, which has her modeling the long mermaidy hair for the camera. "Went a little blonder for the remainder of summer," she says.

"Thank you Tracy and Priscilla, my hair gods," she adds. That's Priscilla Valles, who does celebrity hair extensions, and Tracey Cunningham on color. Then she pans over to Luna (who just got out of the bathroom, apparently), because it wouldn't be Chrissy if she didn't offer a quirky and adorable glimpse at her home life.

Here are stills from her video. You can clearly see both the pretty blonde streaks and also her darker color underneath as she flips her hair over her shoulder:

Hair, Pink, Lip, Blond, Beauty, Cheek, Chest, Brown hair, Long hair, Neck,

(Image credit: Chrissy Teigen)

Hair, Blond, Pink, Lip, Chest, Brown hair, Finger, Neck, Long hair, Heart,

(Image credit: Chrissy Teigen)

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(Image credit: Chrissy Teigen)

Later she was spotted without the extensions in favor of that shorter, summer-perfect length. Chrissy loves to change up her hair, but (at least from the last few months) has stuck to the brunette range. The last time I spotted her on Instagram with that pretty wheat hue was this ombre look in November of last year (and even that's not nearly as light as these new highlights):

And for context, this was Chrissy a few weeks ago in an interview with Andy Cohen, with a pretty caramel color:

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(Image credit: Bravo )

It looks like she kept that base color to contrast with the blonde. I love it.

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