Dascha Polanco on Skincare, Homemade Hair Masks, and Productivity

Watch the Orange Is the New Black star on Masked and Answered.

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Actress Dascha Polanco needs no introduction. Netflix's Orange Is the New Black star is all about self-love. Her "selflovery" and "ismellgood" hashtags on Instagram include A+ content of her masking, dancing in her kitchen post-workout, and bathing. Since she's no stranger to feel-good beauty habits, Polanco shared a masking moment with MC for the latest episode of Masked and Answered. She talked beauty while doing a bit of spirographing, a quarantine activity she picked up, and shared some of her skincare and hair secrets, below.

Polanco tried the Treatmint Skincare Mask ($30), a deeply penetrating product that works to remove impurities, like bacteria and blemishes, from the skin. Speaking of acne, Polanco is diligent about her skincare routine, morning and night, to keep her blemishes at bay. She incorporates retinol into her P.M. routine and never travels without an eye cream. And to keep her skin protected at all times, she swears by CeraVe Mineral Sunscreen Lotion for Face SPF 50 ($15). "It's a matte ultra-light moisturizer that I love, because I don't like heavy stuff on my skin," Polanco says.

"I feel most beautiful after I'm bathed or showered, my skin is glowing, my hair, nails, and feet are done, and I've had a great workout," she shares. "Whenever I fulfill my to-do list and my tasks are complete, I feel the most beautiful. Can't nobody tell me nothing!" Two snaps for all the women like Polanco who get it done and look good while doing it.

When an occasional pimple does arise, you'd never guess what she puts on top of it: Vicks VapoRub ($5). And she's team lip balm over lip gloss—Blistex ($2) stays in her bag. For her hair, she likes creating hydrating cocktails as hair masks in the kitchen. "I'll add avocado with eggs and rosemary oil, then leave it on my scalp as a hot oil treatment," she says."

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