Introducing: Demi Moore With Curly Hair

The actress ditched her signature, pin-straight style—for a night.

Demi Moore
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Google Demi Moore, and one of the first suggested searches is "Demi Moore Hair." How does she get it that shiny and straight? What shampoo does she use? And, most importantly: is it real? Ever since the 61-year-old burst onto the Hollywood scene in the early '80s, her dark locks have told stories all their own. And now, they have a new, textured tale to tell.

While normally worn stick straight, middle-parted, and down to her hips, Moore decided to change up her signature look while attending the Academy Museum Gala on Sunday, December 3. This time, she opted for some texture, with celebrity hairstylist Peter Savic creating a wavy, air-dried appearance almost entirely swept to one side of Moore's head.

Demi Moore

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The style was purposefully a little messy and featured a rare bit of volume thanks to the waves and side part. Still, it was as long and shiny as ever (and yes, her hair is all real!). The look stood out even further against a sparkling Tamara Ralph gown that featured a giant rosette. The "Ghost" actress kept her makeup simple, with celebrity makeup artist Georgie Eisdell creating a neutral look very much in line with Moore's day-to-day glam.

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In a 2022 interview, Moore discussed her famous locks. After digging into her hair history (remember when she shaved it for 1997's GI Jane?), she shared why she never plans to cut her waist-length strands—save a trim.

"I remember hearing someone say that when women get older, they shouldn't have long hair. And something about that stuck with me," she shared. "Like who says? It made me feel like, well, if it can grow and it's not unhealthy, then why shouldn't we? I'm not comfortable with rules that don't seem to have any real meaning or justification."

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