The All-Time Best Foot Creams for Dry, Cracked, Sore Feet

Happy feet, happy life.

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Listen, your feet need love, too. Feet fall into the forgotten category of body parts we hardly pay attention to because, I dunno, feet are "un-cool" to talk about, I guess? You may have denounced overpriced pedicures, or neglected to scrub the bottom of your feet in the shower a long time ago, but I'm here to shout at you that your feet deserve to look and feel sexy. Think about it: You can't walk around looking amazing from your feet-up, with crusty toes and cracked heels—the two just don't go together. Sorry, not sorry. This is why you need good foot cream.

And no, foot cream is not only for old people. I'm in my 20s and use foot cream religiously every night. I actually look forward to applying it as soon as I step out of the shower—it's a crucial step in my skincare routine. Especially when you're a working woman, hustling and hitting the pavement hard every day trying to live your best life. Your feet are bound to get roughed-up and run-down along the way. I'm obsessed with foot cream and am not ashamed to admit it. Ahead, my 10 favorite foot-friendly products for smooth, soft, cute feet. Also? Sandal season is approaching.


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Maya Allen
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