The 25 Best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Lobs, bobs, and everything in between.

Gabrielle Union with a voluminous bob hairstyle
(Image credit: Shutterstock + Getty Images)

Thank the heavens above for giving you a perfectly symmetrical, rounded face. Attention: This is not another article you've landed on that will shame your facial features and/or offer styles to distract the world from your gorgeous God-given face. That's trash, and there's too much of that on the Internet already when you Google "hairstyles for round faces." Hopefully, this will give you some refreshing hair inspo instead with styles meant to enhance your facial features. What we will say is that having a round face—at least as hairstylists see it—is actually a great position to be in. Most haircuts—longshort, and even mid-length, can be made to flatter your soft curves.

Figuring out the most flattering haircut is no easy feat. For starters, you gotta have confidence. Then, you gotta own the cut. The best way to do that? With short haircuts. Full disclaimer: we may be a *little* partial to short hair, but it feels like everyone, celebs included, entered this year with fresh cuts. Out with the old, in with the new. If you're not sure where to start, we've rounded up the best short hairstyles for round faces for all hair textures. From sleek pixie cuts to tousled curled long bobs, there's a haircut suitable for every comfort zone. Whether you're looking to create height or volume with a short style or simply looking for a fresh new summer cut, click through to find your future haircut.

Hannah Morrill

Hannah Morrill is a writer and editor based in Portland, Maine. She’s an avid reader, an indifferent face-washer and a sunscreen/retinol evangelist.