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The Best Peel-Off Face Masks On the Market

So. Satisfying.

a woman peeling a face mask off her face
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In the world of skincare, patience is the name of the game. If you want to know if a product works, odds are you'll have to wait weeks, or months, to see if it makes a noticeable difference. That's why we get pleasure out of the little things, like the texture of a cream, or the scent of a serum. Masks fall into this category, too. It's pretty rare to find a mask that you can wash off to see brand-new skin reflected in the mirror. Enter peel-off face masks, the exception to the rule and arguably one of the the most satisfying products to use at home. It's the adult equivalent of pouring Elmer's glue on your hand in middle school. While some skincare products feel like a chore to apply, these masks are exciting, easy to use, and actually do something. Like all skincare, you might not see a world of difference in one use, but at the very least your face will get a nice exfoliation and the intense satisfaction of peeling something off your face will be far from boring. Peel-off masks will have you playing the waiting game too, but damn, this game is fun.

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The Detoxifier
Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask
boscia dermstore.com

Meet the mask that was my introduction to the peel-off world. With the help of activated charcoal, the long-term goals of this mask are to battle signs of aging, dryness, and oiliness. After removal, your skin will look refreshed, glowing and smooth.

The Cooling Mask
Blue Agave Energizing Peel-Off Mask
PÜR ulta.com

This product could double as the best summertime mask ever. The blue goo feels cooling upon contact with your skin, which calms inflammation, hydrates, and plumps. You'll look like you just had a facial.

Calendula Peel Off Mask
APRILSKIN aprilskin.us

This mask will make you feel like a shedding snake, in the best possible way. It goes on thin and clear, but packs a powerful punch. The calendula flower, the hero ingredient in this mask, soothes and protects your skin naturally. Post-peel, you'll be able to see the excess sebum and oils that the mask removed. 

The Oil Fighter
Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay
First Aid Beauty sephora.com

Clay has been revered as a miracle ingredient in skincare—especially in face masks. For acne-prone or oily skin types, the red clay in this mask sucks out impurities, leaving your complexion clearer and your pores less visible.

The Deep Cleanse
WASO: Purifying Peel Off Mask
Shiseido sephora.com

This mask promises to reduce dullness to the skin, and it does not disappoint. Texture-wise, this magnetic hot pink mask basically begs you to take a selfie. Its main active ingredient, red shiso leaf, deeply detoxes the skin so you'll be selfie-ready afterwards as well.

The Glowing Peel
Clarifying Mask
Sulwhasoo nordstrom.com

This mask offers the most effective exfoliation without the harmful abrasions. Inside of this mask are plant solomon's seals, honey, and Japanese honeysuckle to leave skin texture as smooth as can be.

The Anti-Aging Disco
GLAMGLOW sephora.com

Packed with glitter that guarantees a fun time, putting on this mask will make anyone happy. But because GLAMGLOW doesn't do anything half-assed, it also does your skin some good. Afterwards, the contours of your face will feel firmer and tighter, so you'll be ready to go dancing. Whether you're looking to combat signs of aging or just want those cheekbones to pop, this mask is for you.

The Irritation Fighter
Serious Glypeel Peel-off Mask
Neova dermstore.com

You'll be impressed by this mask's ingredient lineup: glycolic acid, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and Vitamins A and C. What else could your skin possibly need? While the acids in this mask provide deep hydration to onset glowing skin, the aloe vera soothes any signs of irritation so redness doesn't stand a chance.


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