11 Face Washes for Acne-Prone Skin That Get to Work Fast

Glowing, blemish-free skin starts with the right cleanser.

When it comes to treating acne-prone skin, you can and should try the most sophisticated pimple-banishing formulas out there, from face masks to spot treatments. But one essential and often overlooked part of stopping the acne cycle? A good face wash.

How do face washes control acne?

If you think about it, it's obvious: A cleanser removes dirt, debris, and excess oil to improve the overall condition of skin and stop it becoming a breeding ground for acne. Good acne-fighting face washes go a step further, warding off bacteria and excess oil production while gently exfoliating and renewing your skin. And they do all of this without over-drying it or causing more irritation (because that's the last thing your skin needs, right?)

So, where to start? Whatever kind of skin you're in, there's an acne-fighting face wash on this list that's just right for your needs.

Chelsea Hall is the Assistant Fashion and Beauty Editor at Marie Claire, where she covers celebrity style, fashion trends, skincare, makeup and anything else tied into the world of fashion and beauty