The 10 Best False Eyelash Sets and How to Apply Them

Because sometimes your volumizing mascara just doesn't cut it.

Not all of us were blessed with Bambi lashes, so it's only natural that we'd look for something a little more...synthetic to enhance our gaze. Keep on scrolling to find our favorites in the falsie game, whether you're looking for a spidery '60s look or some born-with-it natural extensions.

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The bonus of buying individual lashes is that you can mix-and-match lengths and tweak them as you go. This set is super affordable for beginners, if you need an easy starter kit for practicing.

To apply, prep a clean face by adding foundation and eyeliner first. Squeeze a dot of lash glue onto a non-absorbent surface like aluminum foil and dip the ends of the individual hairs into it with tweezers. Attach the lashes to the upper lash line, working from the middle of the lid outwards.

Ardell Duralash Naturals Individuals Set, $4;

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Bottom Support

Wear this lash pair if you need more length among the baby hairs on your bottom lash line. As seen on Jenna Tatum and Kourtney Kardashian, the Artémes mink lashes were all individually placed to reproduce the effect of natural lashes.

Artémes A Fine Line Lashes, $29;

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Natural Extensions

When you just want to look like a better version of yourself, opt for these cult favorite Huda lashes that are stacked to create a genuine lash upgrade.

Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes in Samantha #7, $20;

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Extra Drama

The Kardashian clan swears by the Lilly brand as their go-to for glamorous, double stacked lashes. Even though they skew a little pricey, you can hang onto these and re-use them 20 more times (which, let's be honest, is probably more times than you can think of to break these guys out).

Lilly Lashes in Mykonos, $30;

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Crisscross Glam

Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, and the Victoria's Secret Angels flock to Esquido products for their ultra-lengthening effects for red carpet events. Case in point: this overlapping variety made of mink that's meant to create natural, fluttering lashes.

Esquido Oh So Sweet Lashes, $32;

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Theatrical Lengths

If subtlety isn't your aim, add instant allure to your eyes with these spiked falsies that make your eyes look wider and your lashes longer and fuller.

M.A.C. 6 Lash, $17;

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The Winged Effect

Achieve swooping disco lengths with these high-impact handmade lashes that come with a flexible band and specialized lash glue to make it easier to achieve red carpet lashes at home.

Makeup Forever Lash Show False Lashes, $18;

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Spidery Eyes

For a mod girl lash style like Twiggy's spidery gaze in the '60s, look for a super-separated lash set like this one and then layer on the volumizing mascara. Clean up the look by brushing away clumps with a lash brush.

Sephora Collection False Eyelashes in Day, $10;

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Slanted Style

Angled falsies like these will add subtle extensions to your lashes, and the alternating lengths on this pair work like a charm in creating the illusion of born-with-it lengths.

Shu Uemara Slant Lashes, $21;

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When all you need is a little zhuzhing, look to these half-cut *natural hair* lashes from Trish McEvoy to create the illusion of density. Pure magic.

To apply, use a thin line of lash adhesive on the lash band, wiping away any gloopy excess with a finger. Let dry for less than a minute, prime your falsies to lie at the base of your natural lash line and hold in place to set.

Trish McEvoy False Lashes, $23;

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