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17 Music Festival Essentials to Put on Your Packing List

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Festival season has arrived, and while you've probably spent a few weeks months planning your outfit, less "sexy" essentials like Purell and shower sheets are must-haves to put on your packing list. Ahead, we've rounded up the festival necessities you'll need to make your experience as fun as it looks in your Instagram pics.

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Neutrogena Walmart

First thing's first: sunscreen. Be nice to your skin and slather this lightweight 100+ SPF (yes, 100+) all over your face and body, then take five minutes to re-apply it three to four times throughout the day. Talk to me at 5 p.m. when you're not sunburnt and peeling. 

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A Bucket Hat
Free People

After you've applied sunscreen, throw on this cute crochet bucket hat that won't trap any lingering sweat. 

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A Smart Water Bottle
Urban Outfitters

It's not a regular water bottle, it's a smart water bottle. Hidrate water bottles make sure you're staying hydrated throughout the day by sending you alerts and lighting up when you haven't taken a sip in a while. 

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Band-Aids for Blisters
Band-Aid Walmart

Just incase you made a rookie mistake and didn't break in your boots before heading to the festival, pack a box of blister-healing band-aids to relieve any pain or discomfort. 

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Cheap Sunnies
Privé Revaux

Don't even think about packing your favorite sunnies—when you're sweating and bumping into people, go for an affordable pair like these celeb-favorite Privé Revaux's that look way more expensive than they are. 

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A Fun Disposable Camera
Urban Outfitters

Depending on what you classify as "essential," you're definitely going to want this disposable camera (skip the Polaroid—it's too heavy and expensive) to make memories with when you can't afford to waste your phone battery. 

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A Pretty Fan
NIKIANI Nordstrom

This portable fan will guarantee a little extra comfort in 95-degree heat when there's no shade in sight. 

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A Theft-Proof Bag
KAVU Urban Outfitters

The key to keeping your stuff from getting stolen? A proper backpack like this rope sling bag that you can wear on your chest instead of your back. It even has a cell phone pocket for easy access when you're rushing to take an Insta story. 

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Purell Walmart

So obvious, yet often so forgotten. Throw a bottle (or five) of Purell in your bag when the line to wash your hands is too long and you don't want to miss the next set. 

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A Cute Bandana

Music festivals like Coachella are notorious for its dust storms, and you're going to want need a cute bandana like this one to prevent the dirt from getting into your mouth or nose. 

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A Lightweight Portable Charger
Belkin Amazon

Bring your regular phone charger (some festivals have outlets on the grounds) and a backup lightweight portable charger like this pretty rose gold one. You'll thank me later when you realize your phone is dying and you need to call an Uber to get back home.  

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Velvet Scrunchies
Free People

At some point during the day your hair will go up in a ponytail or bun, no matter how much time you spent on those beach waves in the morning. These velvet scrunchies will look cute with any outfit. 

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Life-Saving Dry Shampoo
Batiste Ulta

This mini bottle of Batiste dry shampoo is a godsend when you need to keep your hair from looking like a greasy, sweaty mess for that Instagram pic. 

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Excellent Shower Sheets
YUNI Free People

When you're on day two, hour 15 and there isn't a shower in sight, use these alcohol-free shower sheets. They contain natural purifying neem, peppermint, and citrus to refresh your skin from all of the sweat and dirt your body has soaked up. 

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Dove Walmart

Perfume masks gross smells—use deodorant if you want to actually feel clean in the crowd of sweaty people.

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A Fun Towel
SunnyLife Ban.do

Instead of schlepping around a poncho that a) may not even be used if it doesn't rain and b) will probably ruin your outfit, pack a fun mini towel. You're guaranteed to use it when 3 p.m. hits and you just want to lay on the grass and listen to the music. If it does pour, then you'll have something to dry off with. 

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A Bottle of Advil
Advil Amazon

For the moments you forget to drink water throughout the day and suddenly your head is pounding from the music, a bottle of Advil will certainly come in handy. Mom was always right about this one.


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