Lana Condor Wears Bangs So Well

Now I want bangs.

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Just in case you needed any more confirmation that To All the Boys I Loved Before star Lana Condor doubles as a beauty queen, you gotta peep Condor with bangs. Before we going any further, I must point out that bangs are having quite a week—Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid both debuted bangs a few days ago. Now the 21-year-old Condor is trying them, too, and showed up to the New York Fashion Week Prabal Gurung fall/winter 2019 show yesterday with a surprise hairstyle that looks stunning.

This time, the usual bob she always wears was accompanied with thick, blunt cut bangs that seamlessly fell into her layers.

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This sophisticated style makes her look so effin' good. Don't get me wrong, I love her fun and effortless bob—but, I'm not mad at this hair switch-up at all. Hair is hair, and you have the freedom to change it up whenever you want. New York Fashion Week is full of aspirational beauty looks, so Condor picked the perfect time to slay a new style.

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Get this...they're faux bangs. Yep, 100 percent fake and fabulous. Clip-ins make things so damn easy, because you can literally put them in and take them out of your hair at any point. As Elle reports, just hours earlier on the exact same day Condor was photographed with her regular hairstyle at the Tory Burch fashion show.

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is how to flawlessly transform your hairstyle to look drastically different within a few hours. I guess this is what you call a literal day-to-night style. Condor has proven herself to be a hair chameleon. Celebrity stylist Matt Fugate, who is responsible for many of her lewks, documented her new fringe bangs with the caption: "FRINGE BENEFITS!!"

He also showed Condor looking like the ultimate cool-girl with purple highlights a few days ago.

And a few months ago, she looked completely different when he styled her long hair.

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The lesson: you have the power to change your hair at literally any moment. And if you're too scared to get real bangs, have fun with faux bangs like Lana, Bella, and Kenny.

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