Miley Cyrus Got a New Birthday Haircut, Courtesy of Her Mom

She recorded her mom chopping off her hair at home.

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You can say a lot about Miley Cyrus, but one thing you can't say is she's afraid of change. The singer is all about the switch-up...when it comes to her career ventures, love life, and especially her hair. Cyrus has worn the hell out of her hair in too many styles and colors to count. Unsurprisingly, her 27th birthday, which she celebrated over the weekend, brought along a new blunt cut. But this time, she saved a trip to the salon and transformed her hair courtesy of her mom, Tish Cyrus.

See, celebrities, they're just like us. I can't even remember how many at-home haircuts, trims, and styles I've gotten from my mom throughout the years. Moms are just clutch like that. On Saturday evening, Cyrus posted an Instagram video in front of the mirror at-home with the caption: "Birthday haircut by @tishcyrus, #Make27PunkAgain."

Tish posted the video on her Instagram showing her shedding a whole inch or two off of Cyrus' blonde ends. Cyrus is cheesing in the mirror as this all is going down.

She captioned the video: "Giving @mileycyrus a little B-day haircut!! #staytuned #itsgood." How cute!! The results aren't incredibly drastic, but definitely different than Cyrus' previously layered waves. Now, thanks to mama Cyrus, she has blonde, blunt, freshly chopped ends.

Cyrus' birthday celebrations included her boyfriend Cody Simpson, close family members, and friends. Here's a closer look at her cut from a video her sis, Brandi Cyrus, posted:

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Cyrus' streaky salt and pepper blonde hair is coupled with curtain bangs and straight-edge ends. Who needs a hairstylist when they have their mama? The newly turned 27-year-old is clearly feeling her cut via the selfie she posted on her story last night. From the looks of it, she just got rid of her highlights altogether and went even blonder and shorter:

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(Image credit: Instagram: @MileyCyrus)

She's starting off her new year right with new hair. Let's all sit back and see what year 27 brings for Miley!

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