Julianne Hough's New Blunt Bob Will Give '90s Babies All the Feels

I'm biased, but bob life is the best life.

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Another day, another bob. Actress and Dancing With the Stars legend Julianne Hough shed a few inches off her lob to try a blunt bob for the first time ever. In case you haven't heard, celebrities left and right have been switching over to bob life—it's the "It-style" and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Hough is paying homage to the '90s with a chin-length bob that's the same length all around. She's allowing her roots to grow through a bit, because who cares (?), with perfectly imperfect texture.

Here's the thing: Bobs are meant to be effortless, a.k.a less work, and don't need to look too done-up. Her big chop is courtesy of stylist to the stars, Riawna Capri, of Los Angeles-based salon Nine Zero One.

"#90sChić Fresh Chop for @JulesHough ✂️," is what Capri captioned her post. "Julianne's bob is structured, blunt, and pretty much all one length hair," Capri said over email. "[This is] '90s chic, giving us a little Claire Danes “My So-Called Life”/Wynona Rider in “Reality Bites.” [It's a] simple, chic, thick, blunt, classic bob—but the modern twist is in the way you style it to not be super perfect with a little flare."

Here's a closer look of Hough's new cut:

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"Julianne is letting her natural roots grow out to try something different," Capri continued, who suggests using the Magic Myst Mini ($18) styler for upkeep if you want to try this style."We’ve never done the blunt chic bob one length in over 10 years of working together! I love that we can continue to do something new even after all this time together."

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Nine Zero One Salon)

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Nine Zero One Salon)

It's safe to say just like bobs took over 2019, they'll take over 2020. *Flips my own bob back and forth*.

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