R+Co's Cult-Favorite Styling Paste Is on Rare Sale on Amazon

The one-of-a-kind product is TikTok-approved.

Styling paste
(Image credit: R+CO)

There's a certain aesthetic you've probably seen all over TikTok: The so-called "Clean" look. Marked by a slew of pared-down, neutral-toned outfits, fresh-feeling makeup, and smooth hair (opens in new tab) that's been slicked back into a low ponytail or bun, it's become the look of choice for the app's legions of Gen Z obsesses.

And yes, the celeb-adored trend is achievable at home without the help of a team of master stylists. It just takes the help of a styling paste and a fine-tooth comb—and I've found the best paste on the internet. Allow me to direct your attention to the R+Co Mannequin Styling Paste (opens in new tab). It's currently retailing for 40 percent off its original price of $28 as part of Amazon's ongoing Holiday Beauty Haul Event. (opens in new tab) If you needed a sign to revamp your beauty routine, consider this to be it—it's currently going for only $19.60!

The one-of-a-kind texture goes on like a thick cream rather than a sticky traditional paste to do away with any bumps for a matte, smooth finish. Simply gather your hair into a pony and run the product through your hair with a comb and voila! It's a good hair day in mere minutes. And unlike your usual hair gel, R+Co's Mannequin Styling Paste won't leave your hair feeling tacky throughout the day. Plus, it's especially good on days where you're working with second- or third-day hair because the matte texture will make your roots look intentionally slicked back—and any product that makes unwashed hair look just a little bit better is a winner in my book.

The best part about it? It can work double-duty in your medicine cabinet. Use the medium-hold cream as a styling paste on dry hair for a lived-in look that's full of texture. If you have hair that's on the shorter side, this same paste can add volume and texture or set your hair down depending on the day.

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