This Season's Prettiest Holiday Hair Trick Is...Also a Little Crazy

'Tis the season to sparkle in new and preposterous ways.

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Not since seventh grade has it been so socially acceptable to wear glitter on every part of your body. The holiday season is already the best time of year to wear sequined dresses and gilded metallic shoes, but 2016 in particular has been the year to go full disco ball. Maybe because everything else is so depressing?

We've attempted the full-blown Pat McGrath glitter lip and talked outlining your lips in metallic liner, but here's another fun trend to try: hair foiling.

The next logical step from last year's glitter roots, hair foiling involves sticking little flecks of foil onto your hair in little accent points. The foil flecks themselves can typically be purchased in gold, silver, or copper—look for loose flakes or sheets of foil at your craft store, which you can break up or cut up to get the size you want.

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To create the style, Sarah Lund, a stylist at Kevin.Murphy, started with a large curling iron held horizontally for '40-style waves. To finishing prepping the texture, she smoothed the hair with a brush and misted on hairspray for hold. She then picked a spot for the foiling—in this case, above the ear. Choose a location the same way you'd place any other hair accessory, e.g. by your temple, in the crux of an updo, across the crown like a tiara, and so on.

She sprayed Kevin.Murphy's Session Spray on the immediate spot until the area became tacky, then placed several foil flecks in a random pattern. To hold them in place, she used a small makeup brush to gently press them into the hair, then sprayed all over again to set. Et voilà! If the foil moves or falls elsewhere in your hair, NBD. It's all part of the look!

What a beautiful way to leave 2016 shedding glitter everywhere you go like a gorgeous molting parrot.

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Kaitlin Menza