Halsey Latest Hairstyle Is an Ode to ‘50s Glam

“A Marilyn Mon-red moment.”

halsey with pink hair
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We could rattle on forever about why we love Halsey. There’s their music, their makeup line, and most notably, their love for having fun with beauty looks. They never, ever, in a million years shy away from an experimental look—be it wild eyeshadow or an unexpected hair color. Their latest beauty adventure? This past weekend the “Without Me” singer decided to throw it back to the ‘50s with tight, tousled curls reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. The catch? Their style was dyed a fiery orange-red instead of platinum blonde. 

“A Marilyn Mon-red moment,” the mom-of-one captioned their Instagram post. While their hair was certainly the focal point (how! freakin! good!), their makeup, which was a combo of About-Face and af94, was an ode to past decades too. Their lashes were fluttery, their lips were expertly overlined, and their eyeshadow had a white shadowing unmistakably inspired by Monroe. Of course, fans were obsessed with the look and wasted no time making their thoughts known. “Redsy is back, baby,” one user wrote, referencing Halsey’s November 2019 decision to dye their hair red. Another person said, “OMG I love this look on you,” while someone else wrote, “YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL I LOVE YOU QUEEN.” 

While we’re all about this ‘do, we’re not sure how long it’s going to last. Halsey has been switching up her hairstyle on repeat this summer. Just a few weeks ago, she shocked her 30.2 million fans by debuting a mullet. “Return of my mullet. and the nineties-vibes-only red and blue makeup combo. made by color mixing eye paints and lip paints,” they captioned an Instagram post of their shaggy chop. 

Between their ‘50s curls and ‘90s-inspired mullet, it seems as though Halsey is checking the decades off their list. It’s TBD what era is up next, but you can bet we’ll be watching. 

Samantha Holender
Beauty Editor

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