Joey King Looks Like a Different Person With Her Pastel Pink Bob

Pink hair is taking over Hollywood.

Joey King brown hair
(Image credit: David Livingston/Getty)

Dua Lipa, Brittany Spears, and Megan Fox have all made a *very* strong case for pink hair over the past few months. Hot pink, pastel pink, pink highlights—the variations are seemingly endless, surprisingly uber-flattering, and wildly fun for summer. By and large all the Hollywood transformations have had a bit of a girly flair, but leave it to Joey King (and hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos) to put an edgy, punk-rock spin on the hue. 

For the Bullet Rain movie premiere in Berlin, King’s glam squad, which also included makeup artist Polly Osmond, overhauled her aesthetic. Instead of showing up to the red carpet with her typical copper-toned look, King arrived with a sleek, asymmetrical pink bob. Add dark brown shadow roots and an extremely deep side part to the mix, and the hairstyle made King look pretty unrecognizable. 

"I wanted to make her hair look very modern and complete the look. The Balenciaga catsuit was all black so the pink gave her a little contrast, highlighted her features, made the color of her eyes pop," Giannetos exclusively tells Marie Claire. "I wanted the texture to be kind of wet, but not too wet, so I used ColorWow Pock & Lock High Gloss." 

A quick scroll through the comments section on King’s Instagram post confirms that her 19 million followers love the look just as much as us. “BUBBLEGUM QUEEN,” one person said, while another wrote, “That hair is everything.” Celebs even got in on the action, with Awkwafina dropping a fire emoji, Julia Garner writing, “SMOKESHOW,” and Vanessa Hudgens saying, “Omg omg OBSESSED.” 

As much as we love, love, love this look on King, it’s only temporary—a one premiere wonder. Giannetos used a wig to bring the drama. Less than 24 hours later, the actress was back to her shoulder-length copper hair and fake bangs. Still, the style was anything but boring. Giannetos gave the Kissing Booth star a Y2K-esque spiky bun complete with face-framing tendrils. While the Bullet Rain press tour is winding down, we can’t wait to see what other glam King has up her sleeve. Out with a bang, right? 

Samantha Holender
Beauty Editor

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