JVN Hair Is Having an Unreal Memorial Day Sale

You’re going to want the Air Dry Cream for upcoming beach days.

jonathan van ness with good hair in a field
(Image credit: Courtesy of JVN)

Memorial Day is around the corner, which means warmer weather, beach time, and barbecues are on the horizon. And while we’re all about summer, the change in weather can be a little, well, tricky in the hair department. The humidity makes frizz inevitable, heat styling seems silly when you’re by the ocean, and sweaty necks make updos a heck of a lot more enticing. Having a solid lineup of hair products that work with your natural texture instead of against it can make your summer hairstyling so much easier. That’s where JVN Hair comes into play. 

The brand has a stellar lineup of shampoos, conditioners, and stylers (they all smell amazing, FYI) and they're offering an insane Memorial Day sale. Starting Friday, May 27, JVN Hair is giving customers 20 percent off of everything—including best sellers and fan-favorites. To get the discount, along with free shipping, just enter the “SPLASH20” when you checkout at jvnhair.com. The promo will last through Monday, May 31. 

There are tons of products to choose from, so we took the liberty of calling out a few of our favorites. From the air dry cream that is a must for a post-swim styling to an oil that’s the MVP for a sun-exposed, dry and flaky scalp, keep scrolling through to see what we’re stocking up on for summer. 

Samantha Holender
Beauty Editor

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