Kate Moss Only Started Wearing Sunscreen After a Little Nudge From Daughter Lila

“My daughter tells me off all the time.”

kate moss and lila moss
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There’s no denying Kate Moss is a beauty icon (Kate Hudson and Lisa Rinna look up to her), but the 48-year-old model is still learning her fair share of skincare tips—and from her daughter Lila no less. As it turns out, British model just started using sunscreen, the most important skincare product of all time, in her morning routine after a little coaxing from her skincare savvy 19-year-old daughter. “This is new to my regimen: sunscreen,” Kate said during a Beauty Secrets video with Vogue. “My daughter tells me off all the time. ‘Mommy, you have to wear sunscreen.’ I do know it’s important.” 

While we’re firm believers in sunscreen all day, every day, at every age, we do have to say that Kate’s product of choice gets five stars. Her go-to is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Solar Fluid SPF 30, which is a formula that has soothing antioxidants that make it a great option for sensitive skin types. 

A good SPF isn’t the only beauty recommendation the model received from her daughter. Lila has also put her onto the cult-favorite Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. “It’s so good,” she said in the six-minute video. “Lila probably has more of a skincare routine than I do.” And as it turns out, Lila also one-ups her mom in the makeup department—she’s “very good.” Kate, for her part, likes to keep her makeup low maintenance and “pretty basic.” 

She skips foundation altogether in favor of two different shades of concealer and a bronzer. “I’ve always liked makeup, but I was from the days of grunge. It was a bit of black eyeliner and then some lipstick patted on the cheeks,” she recalls. Now? She’s a bit more adventurous, trying her hand with mascara and eyeshadow. But makeup or no makeup—she always looks gorgeous. 

Samantha Holender
Beauty Editor

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