Kim Kardashian Totally Nailed the Tumblr-Era Milky Manicure Trend

See what I did there?

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Hailey Bieber may have been crowned nail influencer of 2022, but Kim Kardashian is making a pretty solid case for her own reign in 2023.

The SKIMS founder posted a kinda low-res selfie on Instagram that has all her fans saying what a throwback the whole vibe is. Kardashian, sitting in a car, made her iconic duckface, showing off her rose gold-toned makeup look and black hair, as well as her very on-trend nails.

The TV star held up peace fingers while rocking a milky manicure on her square-shaped nails—that is, a sheer, plastic-effect white color. It's similar to Bieber's famous glazed donut nail look, but less chromey or shimmery, and it's genuinely stunning. I'm saving it to Pinterest immediately.

Speaking of slightly retro social media platforms, many people took to the comments to tell Kardashian how very MySpace/Tumblr/vintage of her this was.

"It’s giving MySpace," one person said.

"KIM 2012 VOLVIOOO????" wrote another, which roughly translates to "2012 Kim is back?"

"yes I miss this era of kim," said another person.

Others pointed out that this was a "silly" and kind of uncharacteristic pic for Kardashian to post these days.

"She’s just in a silly goofy mood," one person said.

"so silly," confirmed another.

Obviously, most comments told the star how beautiful she looked: Paris Hilton contributed a heart-eye emoji, and Kardashian's longtime makeup artist Mary Phillips wrote, "Cutie"

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