15 Ridiculously Gorgeous Smoky Eye Ideas to Copy Right Now

You at your next holiday party: 🔥

Congrats—you’ve officially entered party season. And even if your calendar only has one or two of them on the docket right now, trust us when we say that by the time January hits, you’ll have curled, lipsticked, and black-dressed your way through enough awkward conversations to last yourself two lifetimes.

But the one thing you can always rely on for being both insanely gorgeous and weirdly cathartic to apply is the mystical, magical smoky eye—which, despite seeming terrifyingly difficult to achieve, is actually pretty goofproof, as long as you use the sheer-layer tactic (i.e. blending on a bunch of thin layers to build up to opaque coverage), rather than the apply-a-thick-layer-all-at-once route, which can give you the raccoon-eye effect.

And to get you inspired, we rounded up the 15 most insanely pretty, shimmery, and hazy smoky eye looks to try on yourself ASAP. Get your screenshottin’ fingers ready.

1. A Glossy Black Eye With Charcoal-Lined Waterlines

2. Smudgy, Shimmery-Indigo Shadow and a Thick Coat of Inky Mascara

3. A Sheer Layer of Lilac Shadow with Blended-Out Gunmetal Eyeliner

4. A Gradient of Metallic Seafoam and Emerald Eyeshadows, Sans Liner

5. This Simple Smoky Eye with Muted Brown Hues

6. A Contrast of Smoked-to-the-Brow Charcoal Shadow and Copper Inner Corners

7. A Layer of Finger-Smudged Amber Eyeliner on the Top and Bottom Lids

8. Thick Layers of Midnight Blue Shadow Blended Around the Eye

9. A Soft, Smoky Cat Eye with Shimmer-Flecked Silver and Gray Eyeshadows

10. Matte Black Shadow with a Clean, Cut-Out Wing

11. A Dramatic Black Smoky Eye with Glittery Under-Eye Liner

12. Fuchsia-Lined Eyes Blended to the Brows, Plus Thick Coats of Black Mascara

13. This Totally Monochromatic, Matte Cocoa Eyeshadow Look

14. Ultra-Thick, Black-Rimmed Eyes, Blended Fuchsia and Purple Shadows, and All of the Mascara

15. Smudgy Opaque-Black Eyeliner with a Layer of Glitter, Because the Holidays, Yo

Now please, my child, go forth and blend your little hearts out!

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