The Prettiest Summer Makeup Trends of 2020

Celebrity makeup artists show off the season's biggest trends.

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Summer is here, and no, it is not cancelled. Warm months bring plenty of inspiration for vibrant, color-struck makeup moments (opens in new tab) to commemorate one of the happiest times of the year. Summer travels and outdoor boozy brunches require low-effort, high-impact makeup (opens in new tab) that won't melt off your face; feeling fresh air on your skin feels like a privilege after being cooped up indoors. Celebrate the new season of being outside again with a non-boring beauty look you'll want to show off to strangers.

Marie Claire called on the trendsetters themselves, celebrity and editorial makeup artists to share the biggest makeup trends you'll see in upcoming months. From '80s inspiration straight from the runway to uncomplicated graphic liner, scroll on for screenshot-worthy beauty shots to save.

Baby Fresh Glow

You know that dewy, born-with-it glow you're chasing? It's achievable with fewer products than you think, according to YSL Beauty makeup artist Nour Agha (opens in new tab). "This trend focuses on achieving your post-facial glow with minimal products," Agha says.

"To achieve this look, begin by nourishing the skin with Pure Shots Perfect Plumper Cream ($88), then unify the complexion naturally with one pump of Touché Éclat All-In-One Glow ($48). Once your base is perfected, illuminate your features with the iconic Touché Éclat pen ($35).

Extra Voluminous Lashes

It's going to be all about the eyes this summer, says celebrity makeup artist Geo Hennings. You just need effective products in your arsenal to look easy on the eyes. The trick? Loads of mascara. "This summer, we’ll see a lot of people amping it up with their mascara," Hennings says. "I love using One Click Beauty b.ACTIVE 3-Piece Eye Kit (opens in new tab) ($24), which comes with an amazing mascara that helps achieve falsie-looking lashes.

To take it to the next level, the kit comes with an amazing liquid liner and a nude eyeshadow stick, which I find makes the mascara really pop. To really make the eyes the window to the soul, try adding in Ardell no knot individual 3D lashes (opens in new tab) ($7) just on the corners of your eye to give you that J.Lo glamour with very little effort!"

Multitasking Makeup

When the world of makeup and skincare collide, beautiful products are created. Kristy Noga (opens in new tab), national makeup artist for Givenchy Beauty, agrees. "Skincare has been a hot topic the last few months in quarantine, and combining skincare with your favorite beauty products keeps things easy," Noga explains. "Le Rose Perfecto Liquid Balm (opens in new tab), ($36) is a hydrating liquid lip color in a variety of shades that's rich in vitamin A, cranberry oil, hyaluronic acid and shea butter. You get moisture, anti-aging benefits and a gorgeous color. Shade #17 Nude Chill is the quintessential summer color for natural, glossy lips!"

Luminously Matte

There is indeed a way to look luminous and matte at the same time. To blend the best of both worlds, Agha suggests pairing fresh skin with a bold matte lip. "The key to this trend is flawless and luminous skin," Agha explains.

"To achieve this look, wet a beauty sponge and add one pump of the All Hours Foundation ($54). With an established base, apply Touché Éclat ($35) on the high points of your face and finish with Tatouage Velvet Cream ($37) on your lips for a boldness of color.

Try These Warm Weather Must-Haves

Powder Perfect

When the skin is scorching, looking sweaty becomes inevitable—but not if you have a handy blurring powder within arm's reach. "In the summer, it can be hard to keep skin looking dewy without the dreaded shine," Noga says. "A touch of Prisme Libre Powder (opens in new tab) ($58) effortlessly mattifies, blurs and illuminates. The lightweight texture, which is available in a variety of shades for all skin tones, blurs fine lines and leaves your complexion looking flawless throughout the day."

Colorful Mascara

You've been wearing that basic black mascara for long enough—this summer calls for color. "A secret weapon that’s coming back fast is a tinted mascara," Hennings says. "Blue or purple are my favorite shades—it will make your eyes sparkle like a celebrity. I suggest the Maybelline Snapscara ($8), which comes in a variety of colors, like Ultraviolet and Deja Blue. Tip: use them as the last topcoat for mascara so you'll get a pop of color with depth in the lash line."

Glittery Euphoria

What's summer without sparkle? "This modern look will consist of that euphoric look using chunky glitter," Agha says. "Using your finger, press one to two shades of Sequin Crush eye shadow ($30) all over the eyelid. Get that full lash effect with Faux Cils Volume Effect Mascara ($29).

Summer-Worthy Products to Shop, According to MUAs

Sun-Kissed Skin

Glowing skin isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Here's to seizing a vacation glow all-summer long even when you're sitting at your desk. Chanel makeup artist Cyndle K. (opens in new tab) confirms that bronzed, I-just-left-the-beach glow is easily achievable with the right products. "One of my favorite products to create a gorgeous, sun-kissed skin look without the sun damage is the Chanel Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint (opens in new tab) ($65)," says Cyndle.

"It’s a lightweight tint that evens out your skin without covering freckles or looking heavy. Then, using a foundation brush apply Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream  (opens in new tab)($50) where the sun would naturally hit your cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. It also looks beautiful on the eyes for a monochromatic look."

'80s Eyeshadow

Summer is the opportune time for you to channel your inner Grace Jones and go crazy with color. Pro makeup artist to the stars Keita Moore (opens in new tab) predicts neon eyeshadow shades, like bright blue and neon green, will reign supreme this summer. "The '80s have made a comeback," Moore says, who suggests starting with Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cream Vivid Palette (opens in new tab) ($36).

Dior makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani (opens in new tab) agrees that it's going to be a colorful summer indeed. "The latest fashion shows were full of neons, corals, vibrant orange-reds, saffrons, and greens, all of which felt very '80s-inspired to me," Bedrani adds, further confirming the '8o's will resurge this summer. "And these trends will transpire into makeup. Have fun and experiment with colorful eyeshadows. I’m particularly fond of the new Dior Glow Vibes 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette (opens in new tab) ($63)."

Shop This Summer Makeup Starter Pack

Bold Blush

Get inspired to take your toned-down blush up several notches this summer. "A pop of pink, peach, or magenta on the cheeks is going to benefit anyone who loves to pump it up a bit," Moore advises.

"I'd pair a strong blush with a natural eyeshadow and subtle tint of color on the lips. Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush (opens in new tab) ($7) is perfect for summer skin. I've also recently tried the new Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush (opens in new tab) ($20) and they've quickly become my favorite."

Playful Graphic Eyeliner

"After being quarantined in the house for months, we'll see a lot of people being bolder and having more fun with their makeup than ever before," Cyndle predicts. "Makeup is a mood-booster and color is therapy for many of us. For a graphic liner, I love playing with multiple shades of metallic liquid liners. One of my favorite color combinations are Chanel Le Liner de Chanel (opens in new tab) ($35) in Gris Argent and in Rouge Noir.

Graphic liner can be done with eyeshadow, too. Bedrani's trick: "I suggest using a wet eyeliner brush or a small tapered angled brush, saturate it with the shadow, and use it like a liner," she explains. "Another fun way incorporate color is with a reverse smokey eye, which calls for using the color only along the bottom lash line of your eyes."

Makeup to Stock Up on for Summer

In Living Color Lips

Fact: a fool-proof way to turn up any makeup look is with a vibrant lipstick. And this summer will be no exception, according to celebrity makeup artist Joey Maalouf (opens in new tab). "For the most vibrant effect with the least effort, a bright color on the lip, like Nars Lipstick in Inappropriate Red (opens in new tab) ($26) shade inappropriate with loads of L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black (opens in new tab) ($9) is a staple look for summer.

Bedrani wants you to try a bright coral or a daring orange lip, if you haven't yet. "I especially love Dior Addict Stellar Halo Shine in Superstar 669 (opens in new tab) ($38)," she recommends. "It’s a beautiful coral color, and the smooth texture makes it easy to either use it as a tint, or pair a couple coats with a lip liner to make a bolder statement."

Easy-Breezy Beauty

"I predict a shift in beauty," Maalouf shares. "I feel like what we’re going through right now in isolation is awakening something within us all to value our time and ourselves better.

Everyone will be exploring their naturalness and ways to look and feel sexy with less effort. For a little boost, cream blush is an instant way to serve an 'I feel renewed' vibe. Stila Convertible Color Cream Blush (opens in new tab) ($25) is one of my favorites—you’ll be looking flushed and fabulous like you just took a relaxing bath and you’re ready to take on the day."

MUA-Approved Products to Complete Your Summer Collection

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