Start Making Scents With the Fragrance Foundation

The Fragrance Foundation launches an insider's guide to help you decode your best notes.

(Image credit: Photodisc/Getty Images)

Whether you're on the hunt for a signature scent or looking to discover the ingredients that tickle your mate's olfactory fancy, deciphering between creamy, gourmand aromas and fresh, floral bouquets can be seriously daunting. Enter TopNotes, a new online resource that breaks down everything you want to know about perfume. For a $50 fee, fragrance fanatics can nose around a variety of in-depth courses covering current trends (we're dousing ourselves in sparkling citrus scents immediately), break-through technologies like triple maceration processes for long-lasting goodness, and international perfume forecasts (hint: exotic florals are big for fall). Scroll the pages to rediscover classics from the past and learn about new ingredients that'll be popping up at a counter near you. Our favorite section? A compilation of the 20 most covetable scents from around the world (we're obsessed with #1's mysterious oriental blend). Register now to check out the full list and more at