Beauty Snoop: Evan Rachel Wood Dishes on Gucci (& Manson!)

In Rome to reveal her racy, Frank Miller-directed 3-D Gucci campaign, Evan Rachel Wood — the future Mrs. Marilyn Manson — spills her makeup musts

Evan Rachel Wood with red hair
(Image credit: FilmMagic Inc)

The campaign looks gorgeous — and your hair is killer in 3-D. What's your secret?

It was my first time working with green screen in that way — none of what's in the commercial was there. We had a square of road, the car didn't move, and we had leaf blowers in my hair. No one is doing what Frank is doing visually, so it was a real treat. 

Have other roles influenced your look?

Running with Scissors was set in the '70s, so my look was very roller girl — hot pants, platforms, feathered hair. It was the first time I went all out with style. I wore that blue mascara for another year.

You weren't always a makeup queen?

I was a tomboy as a kid and thought makeup and hair were about vanity. Now I realize it's a way to express yourself. My look changes every day, along with my mood. 

Where else do you get your inspiration?

I love classic glamour-pusses: Peggy Lee, Patti Page. I also give my fiancé a lot of credit because when you're with somebody like him, you automatically feel like you have room to play. He has no judgments.

Few women get to steal makeup tricks from their men. What have you learned? 

He's as pale as me, so he introduced me to Shiseido foundation.

Wedding details, please! 

We've decided on a long engagement, so I haven't gotten into the plans yet. But the ceremony's going to be at night, and I'm not going to confine myself to a white dress; it could even be bright red.

What are you up to in the meantime?

Right now, a Mildred Pierce remake. We're doing all '30s styles, so I'm learning a lot — like, to create that vintage Clara Bow lip, you draw a heart on your mouth with liner first, then fill it in. I also just wrapped The Conspirator in Savannah with Robert Redford. 

You've been busy! How do you stay grounded?

I always travel with my bright-blue vintage Samsonite makeup case and Neosporin lip balm. And when I'm in my trailer, I wear perfume. It gives me a sense of home when I have to transform into someone else.