Beauty Around the Clock: Naomi Osaka

The tennis star on beauty routines after welcoming her baby, easing back into tennis, and her self-care ritual.

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Beauty, and life in general, is looking a lot different these days for Naomi Osaka. While on a break from tennis, the four-time Grand Slam singles champion welcomed her first child, Shai, in July and has since found a new definition of peace—one surely most mothers can relate to. She tells Marie Claire that to her, peace looks like “waking up and one, knowing that Shai is OK.” But, of course, happiness for Osaka also comes from getting back on the courts. “Another thing is I’m trying to play tennis again so just day by day knowing that I got better a little bit is something that gives me a lot of peace.” 

On the beauty front, Osaka says she doesn’t often get out of the house now (another common trait among new mothers), much less get glammed up. So when she does, you know it’s a special occasion. Most recently, the KINLÒ skincare founder took to the red carpet to celebrate the premiere of Victoria Secret’s The Tour '23, and while she stunned in glittering gold eyeshadow and flushed cheeks, it was her outfit that was the real standout. “What I wore kind of centered around the really beautiful corset that Victoria's Secret sent,” she says. “And I really loved it and I've never seen anything like it.”   

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Though Osaka may not grace as many red carpets as she did pre-baby, she still keeps up with a beauty routine, albeit a modified version. For instance, she stays away from strong perfumes and instead opts for a body spray to better suit her young daughter. She also knows the importance of sunscreen and to wear lots of it. To get the full breakdown of Osaka’s routine, the scoop on her favorite products, and how she’s easing back into her fitness regime, scroll ahead.

Rise & Shine

The first thing I do honestly probably is wash my hands and put in my contacts cause I don’t want to say I have bad eyesight but sometimes I can’t see far away. But yeah, wash my hands and put in my contacts then I spray a hydrating mist from KINLÒ on my face. And then I put on a little bit of sunscreen. Well, I guess a lot of sunscreen cause I know I'm gonna be outside for most of the day.

Signature Look 

I honestly don't really leave the house as often anymore so I would say a beauty look would be my pajamas. I’ve been sleeping every day with my Victoria’s Secret line that I collabed with them, like a very oversized button shirt. And then beauty products I use every day, I really use a lot of Chapstick. I think also in California the air is dry so KINLÒ lip balm and then sometimes I alternate it with lip masks. I think it’s like a small pink Laneige one.  

Fitness Fix 

These days I do a lot of fitness. I haven't started hitting yet. So I would go either to the track or to the gym and then do like stretching mobility, and then we would start working out either arms or legs or just straight up on the track or running. And then after that, I would do treatment with my physio. It’s an everyday thing except for Sundays. 

Self-Care Ritual 

I did have a change in my self-care rituals. I'm like a very candle person, so I like to light a candle, but then I heard that you're not supposed to light candles around babies. I don't know if that's true, but someone did tell me that 'cause they don't like strong scents. Other than that, I tried to keep the same routines as normal. 

I really like to listen to older music and I don't like to take baths 'cause I can't really sit still for too long, But just a hot shower and then listen to music and drink a green smoothie.

Signature Scent 

I actually collect perfumes, but then with the perfume thing, it’s the same thing as the candles so I haven't really worn perfumes as much anymore. But I do spray body mist sometimes and actually, I think it’s called Bare Vanilla. I remember as a kid I used to just go in Victoria’s Secret and spray myself. 

I did tend to stick to vanillas but then as I started collecting I think I expanded my nose and what I like. So I would say if I had a favorite perfume, I don’t remember the name of it, but I just went to this random store in Paris that was selling I think there were Arabian perfumes. But I just like to try to collect things that I know that other people can’t easily access so it’s just more fun. 

Daily Playlist

I really love the song ‘Just the Two Of Us,’ Bill Withers is in that song. And then a lot of Earth, Wind, and Fire and Marvin Gaye, but a lot of Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder.

Hair Help 

I do have a very strange haircare routine. Like I’ve been kind of trying to do better on it because I did cut my hair last year and I’ve been trying to just help it grow a lot more. So I’d say I rarely don’t have a hair mask in my hair and I use a lot of different ones. I think my favorite one that I’ve tried is by Miss Jessie’s. And then after that I just put it all over my hair, I don’t rinse it off and I kind of just go to sleep with it. I’m not sure that’s a good thing or a bad thing but it’s been working for me.  

P.M. Routine

After I get my daughter to sleep for the night, I usually unwind with journaling and then a little self-care. My skincare routine is a very important part of my wind down process for the night. I always start with cleansing and toning my face and then I love to massage my face with a gua sha tool and KINLÒ’s Hydrating Facial Oil. I’ve been a bit sleep deprived lately adjusting to my daughter’s sleep schedule so I’ve also been using KINLÒ’s Hydrating Eye Cream every night to help with eye bags.

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