Your Perfect Fall Hair Fix: The Undone Braid

It's windy, so here's what to do.

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Update, 9/21: Over the weekend, our most famous beauty sensei Drew Barrymore had her own go at the undone braid. Amping up the volume with an ultra-teased swoop and glossy loose pieces, it was a total retro-meets-hippie-glamour approach we can get behind.

Original Post, 12/24: 

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Two makes a trend, right? Both Cara Delevingne and Cameron Diaz have sported super undone, barely-there braids in recent weeks, and we're loving the French bedhead vibe. 

Actually, their timing couldn't be more perfect. On holidays like this one, an easy look is baaaasically all we can manage—bonus points if it's also cute.

Enter this awesomely casual approach to the braid. For a slightly more polished look, opt for a big plait with loose pieces of hair to frame your face like Delevingne. Want something a little more low-key while lounging in your pajamas? Diaz's even messier interpretation—with a teeny tiny braid just barely secured at the end—will take you two seconds and be charming to boot. 

Gotta love that the stars are looking out for us over the holidays, you know?

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