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I Tried a Mustard Bath

Yes, it's a real thing. No, I'm not crazy.
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Did you know athletes swear by mustard baths for soothing muscles? When I heard, I was both intrigued and, to be honest, a little put off. Mustard is hardly my condiment of choice. But after more research, I learned that 1) It's not the kind you doodle on top of a hotdog and 2) It's actually a centuries-old ritual that was employed in Ancient Greece and Rome and has since been popularized by the English.

In addition to alleviating stress on the body by increasing circulation and drawing out toxins, the Ayurvedic method is said to rejuvenate the skin—a welcome bonus for my dry, ultra-sensitive complexion. Obviously I had to give it a try. And as far as choosing a brand, Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath ($10.99) is considered the Heinz Mustard of mustard baths—so I was off and running.

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One night after work, I added a large tablespoon of the light yellow powder to a hot-but-not-too-hot bath and, after throwing on my favorite bossa nova oldies playlist, I hopped into my weird little at-home spa.

It felt nice all over, except for a small cut I had on my foot, which kind of stung. This stuff is potent. It was kind of like bathing in a pool of incense.

After that, per instruction, I took a quick, cold shower, then massaged my body with a scratchy terry cloth towel. After moisturizing, I threw on my silk pajamas (they're better for your skin) and a few extra layers as I had read that if you do it before jumping into bed, you'll sweat through the night and heighten the detoxing effects.

I woke up with super-soft, glowy skin that—swear to god—had an ever-so-slightly spicy scent that lasted the whole next day. Anybody hungry?

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