The Two-Step Lip Trick We're Stealing from Kim Kardashian

It even helps you pick out your outfit.

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While Kylie Jenner is keeping us waiting with bated breath for the launch of her lip color kit, her older sister Kim Kardashian (you may have heard of her?) is giving us the play-by-play of how she paints on her famous, jealousy-inducing pout thanks to a new 30-second teaser from her app. 

And while Kardashian's routine is notoriously elaborate and lengthy, it seems her lips are the easiest, and arguably most important, part of her getting ready process. 

"I just need to be simple, then feel the glam, then I get the vibe of what I'm going to wear," she explains. Translation: She begins getting ready by giving herself the glossy nude lip treatment, then feels glamorous enough to face the chic rabbit hole that is her closet.

Could this be the secret to crafting a proper #OOTD as opposed to resorting to the crumble of last week's clothes on the floor? We're in the midst of investigating.

To achieve her "soft and sultry," lip, begin by using a neutral pink liner (her go-to is  MAC's Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare) that matches your natural color to trace the outline of your lips. Then, fill in the rest of your lips for a subtle, monochromatic finish. To top things off, swipe on a nude-hued gloss, like Kardashian Beauty's Honey Stick Lip Gloss in Natural Honey.

In our minds, Kim's lip is like the glossier, 2015 version of Brigitte Bardot's famous nude pout. Done, but not too done—and that irony is not lost on us. 

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1. MAC Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare, $16.60;

2. Kardashian Beauty Honey Stick Lip Gloss in Natural Honey, $8.99;

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