Diane Kruger Accidentally Dyed Her Hair Orange, Is Human After All

Her beauty blunder finally sets the record straight.

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Diane Kruger, patron saint of gorgeousness inside and out, is human. For so long I couldn't wrap my head around this fact, but after learning that she too has fallen victim to an at-home hair dye catastrophe...yep, mortal.

In an interview with Allure, the German beauty admitted that when she hit the God's Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards donning a Pumpkin Spice Latte-esque shade of bronze, it was a cover-up for a D.I.Y. drugstore disaster.

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hadn't colored my hair in six months, and I had been away working for
two months," she explained. "I'm in New York, and it looked a little
dull, so I just thought, I'll go to CVS and buy a gloss. Only it turned
my hair a dark mud brown. I called anybody that I know in New York who
could help me. Serge Normant literally saved me this morning. And now
it's still slightly red, but it's getting better. I have to keep going
back. The woman at the salon who is helping me said it's going to take
three visits."

Having become a bit redhead-obsessed
myself this fall, I actually kind of loved her auburn-tinged hiatus,
but as a blonde who has had her fair share of brassy boxed color
disasters, I totally feel for her. (Even if I don't have Serge Normant at my beck and call).

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