Jello Lipstick Is a Thing and It's Going to Make You Feel Like a '90s Kid All Over Again

Also taste delicious *and* hydrate your lips, so win/win/win?

Jello Lipstick
(Image credit: Design by Katja Cho)

I, like many of my late-'90s/early-aughts peers, prided myself on stuffing a Caboodle case with the essentials: Lancôme Juicy Tubes, Party City-brand roll-on body glitter, Victoria's Secret Body Mists, and every Bath & Body Works product ever made. You know what was missing? Jello lipstick. And now that it's the future, it actually exists. 

K-beauty purveyor Chosungah 22 (the braindchild of Korean makeup artist Cho Sung Ah) just unveiled a new line of Flavorful Lipsticks, with Jello-like, transparent fruity-colored balms. Like the adult equivalent of the '90s beauty goodies I experimented with as I download the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack on Kazaa.

But are they as good as they look?

Exhibit A: My lips this a.m., which are always dry but were especially thirsty after being ravaged by heavy Halloween makeup over the weekend. Like divine intervention, Chosungah's Guava Tint Jello landed on my desk and I opened up the small, pop-art-perfect package, twisted up the black tube, and glided the see-through stuff (which isn't jiggly BTW) along my crackly lips.

From the tropical tangerine scent to the soothing silky-textured salve packed with super-moisturizers like vitamin E and argan oil, my lips immediately perked up. And within an hour's time, they were noticeably softer, the appearance of cracks had lessened, and dead skin began to flake off (literally) as if I were watching the cells regenerate before my eyes. 

But what I loved most was the subtle, orangey-red tint it left on my pout. It was enough pigment that I immediately looked more awake, but not too much where I had to check a mirror between every bit of my lunch. Plus, it could totally work as a hydrating layer on a classic red lip.

Bottom line: This stuff has officially been inducted to my at-work face-rehab beauty stash.

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