Watch Olivia Culpo Break Down Her Crazy-Effective Skincare Routine in This Exclusive Video

Plus, she dishes on her ultra-relatable biggest beauty regret.

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Looking to up your skincare game now that the weather outside is frightful? Olivia Culpo has you covered with a foolproof routine that takes mere minutes. The actress and model also happens to be a beauty expert who teamed up with Mode to narrow down 2015's best products for the Glam Top 100 Beauty Awards.

Olivia's one of 11 super-lucky judges who got to sample *heaps* of fabulous new products, and in addition to giving us the inside scoop on her morning skincare routine, we chatted about the one product she can't live without, makeup regrets, and why women who love makeup are definitely not shallow.

Marie Claire: You got to judge a ton of different categories for the Glam Top 100 Beauty Awards. What products were you most excited about?

Olivia Culpo: There were a few Giorgio Armani products I really loved. I'm a big fan of  Giorgio Armani foundation. A mascara that I'm really excited about is the L'Oréal Voluminous Black. I love it because it's honestly one of the best products, and it's cheap!

MC: What's missing in your beauty arsenal that you hoped to find as a judge?

OC: I'm looking for an amazing overnight cream mask that won't clog your pores and will be thick enough to cover the entire skin in a complete layer but not dry out overnight. I haven't found that yet. I'm hoping I will. The winter is so dry and my skin can get a little irritated.

[pullquote align='C']"Beauty and makeup are not things people should think of as vain."[/pullquote]

MC: Your morning skincare routine is simple and quick—but what if you only had time to use one product?

OC: If I could only do one thing out the door, I would go with witch hazel. It tones the skin, it cleans, and it minimizes the pores. I get blemishes if I don't clean off all the makeup from my skin—witch hazel does a really good job with that.

MC: What have you learned about beauty from being a judge?

OC: That you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a really good product. Sometimes, it's just about finding what works for you and exploring all your options. You don't necessarily have to go for the biggest price tag to get the best thing.

[pullquote align='C']"Just because I do a lot of photo shoots doesn't mean I don't take beauty risks."[/pullquote]

MC: Is there pressure to maintain a signature look as a model/actress? Does judging this make you want to go crazy and experiment?

OC: I just got a bob, and I'm currently in hair and makeup getting bangs clipped into my head. I'm all for wigs and clip-ins and curling and straightening. I think it's fun to explore, and just because I do a lot of photo shoots doesn't mean I don't take beauty risks. I still do it because it's just fun. At this point, it's about expressing yourself, and people are open to that more than they used to be.

MC: What makeup look do you feel expresses you the best?

OC: My favorite look is a clean face, a moisturizer that will cover up my spots or whatever I have going on that day, a curled lash, and lipstick. That is my go-to regimen.

MC: Are there any major makeup regrets you've had? Mine was frosted lipgloss—the horror.

OC: I think that everyone can relate to when thin eyebrows used to be in. When I grew up, I had such thick eyebrows, and everyone at school would make fun of me, and I felt really insecure about it. I got them done at this salon and they ended up being not super thin, but thinner than they are now. Looking back, it wasn't really necessary.

MC: Makeup has the transformative power to make people feel confident and strong on the inside and out. Yet women who love beauty are often called shallow. What do you make of this?

OC: Beauty and makeup are not things people should think of as vain. It's an expression of yourself and can be seen as an art form as well. Also, it just makes people feel good because they're taking care of themselves. Anything you do to take care of yourself will inevitably make you feel better. That's the effect makeup has.

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