Real Talk: Is It Normal for Eyebrows to Shed?

Because mine seem to be doing just that.

Because brows seem to be the theme of my month (hi, haters), now seems as good a time as any to address something I've been quietly freaking out about: the fact that mine have started shedding.

Over the past few months, I've noticed that my brow hairs have been falling out when I comb them or wash my face. It's not crazy noticeable or anything, but as any arch-conscious woman can imagine, it's a little disconcerting. My main concerns: Am I touching them too much, or getting too heavy-handed with my beloved brow gel? 

I brought my little conundrum to Dr. Patricia Wexler, who, thankfully, came bearing good news for me and anyone else worried about the state of their brow hair count.

"Just like all hair, it's normal to lose a few eyebrow hairs daily," says Dr. Wexler. "The hair on our body and brows goes through a growing process which, in fact, is the replacement of the old hair with the new grown hair," adds Kety Vladuca, Eyebrow Specialist at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa.

Since I started to notice an uptick in "shedding" in late fall, I was also curious if, like many of our four-legged friends, there's a time of year where we're more likely to see such hair loss. 

"Swedish scientists suggest that women grow more hair during summer months to protect the scalp from the sun and UV radiation," explains Dr. Wexler. "Come the fall this additional growth tends to shed. Others say just the opposite, due to the extreme change in temperature. Regardless, the amount is insignificant."

So, if you have a similar paranoia—fear not! Losing strands is totally normal. But Dr. Wexler is quick to add that things like over-tweezing (it causes scarring to the follicles), waxing, severe weight-loss, stress, excessive touching, hormonal changes, and auto immune disease can cause irregular brow hair loss. If you believe your case may be extreme, it's best to see a specialist.

And if you want to give your existing hair some TLC, Dr. Wexler recommends the following hair-growth treatments: 

Hair growth products

(Image credit: Marie Claire)

1. Viviscal Hair Growth Program, $46.99; "It contains trademarked marine complex Amino Mar, which promotes existing health from within the hair."

2. Latisse (prescription only) Get more info at "It keeps hair on the growth phase longer and makes existing hair darker and thicker." 

3. Rogaine Regrowth Hair Treatment for Women, $54.99; " It stimulates growth of new hairs and can thicken existing baby fine (vellous) hairs."

Go and be bushy.

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