Why Instagram's Biggest Beauty Vlogger Is Rubbing Onion All Over Her Brows

Prepare for all the tears 💦

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In the latest case of a beauty secret being right under our noses all along, it would seem the solution to getting your brows to grow faster is wedged in between the two slices of bread that is your lunch.

If world-famous beauty vlogger Huda Beauty's method is to be believed, rubbing *onions* on your arches will make them grow like weeds. "Onion juice has sulphur which speeds up the growth of hair and makes it thicker," she explained in a video caption on Instagram.

At first blush, I was skeptical. I mean, if making guacamole has taught me anything, it's that onions so close to my eyes would make for a royal, sad-Ryan-Gosling-movie cry fest. And the smell? I'm self-conscious enough after eating an everything bagel for breakfast. 

My skepticism only grew after Allure had the experts weigh in. Cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller put it best: "I've never seen any evidence that topically applied sulfur can enhance hair growth," he said. "If that were true, everyone would be selling sulfur solutions for hair growth." Touché.

Also, just as I imagined, the DIY technique would, in fact, be totally painful if I got a little too heavy-handed with the onion juice.

"Onions contain enzymes that can cause tearing, inflammation, and burning of the eyes, so putting onion juice in close proximity to your eyes can lead to these symptoms because the enzymes in the onion can travel through the air and don't need to come in direct contact with your eyes to cause the pain and discomfort," explains optometrist Nicole Sangani.

For the sake of my tear ducts, I'll stick to hair grow treatments like Viviscal or Latisse, thank you very much.

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