"Snow Globe Nails" Are the Most Mesmerizing Thing We've Ever Seen

If not necessarily the most *practical.*

Snow globe
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From furry (opens in new tab) adornments to LED (opens in new tab) lights, 2016 has been *quite* the year for totally out-there nail art (opens in new tab). And now, at long last, may we present the trend you've been waiting for never knew you needed: snow globe nails.

Women are literally wearing tiny, see-through spheres on their nails, filled with everything from glitter to flowers. And just like the souvenir staples that fill gift shop selves, you can shake them for a shimmery, mesmerizing display.

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So how does one end up with these magical little orbs on their digits? The dome shapes are created with gel nail polish and bonded to the surface of the nail. Inside the bubbly shapes, you'll either find water (which is preferred, to avoid cloudiness) or oil (as it gives the embellishments inside more buoyancy).

Here, find all the the most outlandish takes on the look—including cutesy Hello Kitty faces and mystical crystal balls.

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