The Multi-Purpose Stick That Delivers an Entire Face of Makeup

Get you a stick that can do it *all*.

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I have a ridiculous amount of makeup in my repertoire (seriously, I had to KonMari that sh*t), but on-the-go I streamline. And by streamline, I mean have no less than seven products shuffling around the bottom of my handbag, dusting up days-old receipts. It's kind of a problem. But one that I may have a solution for now that Bite Beauty, one of my most favorite lipstick brands, has unveiled the holy grail of all-in-ones: The MultStick. That's right, the Toronto-based brand is taking their good-enough-to-eat formula beyond the lips...for your cheeks, eyes, and beyond.

Housed in a sleek black tube, wherever you apply it, the solid (spill-proof 🙏) formula smooths and blends on like a cream, but finishes like a lightweight powder. In fact, it's the perfect texture for using your fingers to apply it—yet another reason it's a nomad's best friend. You can caress it into the contours of your pout for a blurred lip, use your middle finger to smoke it into your lids, and tap n' blend it into your cheeks for a light sculpt.

And because it's Bite, you know they've got a crazy amount of shades (18 to be exact), including beiges, browns, muted pinks, warm reads, soft peaches, and even a statement-making purple. Whether you're looking to enhance what you've got naturally or try your hand at the monochrome makeup trend, this stick has got you—combining three products in one. Now do yourself (and your carry-all) a favor and nab one, or ten, of these.

Bite Beauty Multistick, $24;

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