Forget About the Apples: This Is the Trendy New Way to Apply Blush

No need to disrupt your RBF.

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Quick show of hands: Have you even *touched* blush in the past few months? Except for a few particularly rough mornings on which nothing but Benetint or the brightest Lilah B. lip-cheek duo could save me from being misidentified as patient zero of a walking-dead disease, I haven't, and I suspect it's been the same for you. (That Glossier Haloscope, man.) But as tans fade and skins dry—and the Spring 2017 collections finish walking—pink powder is on my mind, particularly this out-of-the-ordinary application.

Seen at Chanel and Kenzo, eye rouge—what we shall call pigment swept in a C shape from the top of the cheekbone to temple—reads painterly but strong but animé-esque, all at the same time. It's not fuchsia eyeshadow, in name or in practice. Nor is it this look, exactly, seen at a previous Chanel défilé and discussed ad nauseam in our blush application manual.

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It's a Statement versus a Wash of Color. It's concentrated versus a top-of-the-cake dusting. It hasn't got much blending, so it's like a knife-swipe of red across the face.

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Of course, for the real world, you might want to consider using both a lighter hand and a lighter shade—or not. Because this fall, when you're feeling washed-out, what could say "I'm alive" louder than this?

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