Watch the Totally Mesmerizing Process of How a Lush Bath Bomb Gets Made

Because tossing them in the tub is only half the fun.

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Lauren Valenti

The Lush factory in Toronto is every bit the wonderland you'd imagine it to be. There are towering vats of neon-bright powders, batter mixers whipping up hypnotizing swirls, and trays of so-cute-you-could-eat-'em soap confections in every corner. Oh, and we'd be remiss not to mention the✨ entire room dedicated to glitter✨.

For a beauty editor, the entire place is paradise. But being a bath bomb devotee since my very first toss-splash-plunge-and-fizz, I immediately made a beeline to what they refer to in-house as the "ballistics department." This is where the sphere-shaped fusions of essential oils, color, and fragrance are born.

The challenge upon arrival? Make one myself. The bath bomb of choice? That would be the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb.

Lauren Valenti

And because I couldn't possibly do it the same justice as a Lush copy writer, here is its official description:

Launch this one in the water and watch it shoot and spin. Stay very still to see the swirling colors of the night sky dazzle in your bathtub. As the calming blanket of shimmering midnight blue unfolds, Brazilian orange and bergamot oils take your skin to heaven as your mood rockets straight up to the stars.

(If you don't speak Lush, it's bright blue, spangled with sparkly gold stars, and will turn your tub into The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.)

Here's how they make it come to life:

Step 1: Infuse the Powders with Essential Oils

The essential oils, including fair trade cocoa butter, Brazilian orange oil, bergamot oil, and other moisturizing ingredients are combined with baking soda and color powders to create the base.

Lauren Valenti

Step 2: Combine the Mix with Citric Acid Powder

Lauren Valenti

Right before being pressed, it's hand-mixed with citric acid powder, which hardens the base.

Lauren Valenti

Together, these ingredients are what cause the fizzing reaction when it hits the water.

Step 3: Add Inserts and Press

Lauren Valenti

To press the bath bomb, both sides of the mold are filled with the mixture and pressed together. Sometimes there are inserts like glitter stars, bath melts, mini bath bombs, and rose petals that they place inside.

A few fun facts about the glitter stars:

  • The glitter is seaweed-based.
  • It leaves a slight golden shimmer on the skin.
  • Many Lush products are inspired by David Bowie and we suspect these guys are a tribute to Starman himself.

    Lauren Valenti

    Step 4: Leave 'Em Overnight, Then Splash

    Lauren Valenti

    The bath bombs are left to dry in their molds overnight before being removed.Then voilà, it's time for the big splash!

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